Car Parking

The car parking operation are divided as follow :

  • Those in block A & B are not given car park as the car parks are owned by Ambassy Car Park Proprietary Limited Sdn Bhd. Their office is located in the same office as the hotel reception on ground floor at block A.
  • Owner of the residential block C are given free car parks but we requested to pay monthly maintenance charges.

Owner’s risk

The Developer and Management or their agents shall not be responsible or liable for any theft damage, loss, or injury suffered as a result of in any way related to the use of the parking lots provided in the basement car park and surrounding area.

Designated car park

  1. Each apartment / shop / office unit in block A & B is not allocated a car parking bay. The parking bays are sold
    separately through issuance a license to use a dedicated car park bay. Only those who have purchase a
    license to use a dedicated car park bay are entitled to use one car park bay privately for each license
  2. For those who do not purchase a license to use a dedicated car park bay, they can have an option to
    use those designated area of car park by the Management for hourly, daily or monthly basis.
  3. The parking lot(s) shall only be used for parking the occupant’s own vehicle and shall be confine to
    the use of one vehicle only.
  4. The designated car parks are owners’ parking bays (with license), monthly/season parking bays, hotel
    valet parking bays and also the service parking bays (for emergency usage).

Vehicle sticker

Each licensee of the car park bay including block C will be issued with one vehicle sticker and one access card. The application of the vehicle sticker and the access card can be obtained form Management Office (Form VES). A fee will be chargeable on the sticker and the access card. In the event that the car park access card is lost, a fee of RM50.00 will be charged for each replacement access cards.

The application for the season car park or additional car park can also be obtained for the Management Office. (Form CP)

The Management reserves the right to deactivate the access card and no sticker shall be issued to those in arrears of maintenance service charges or other dues.

The Management reserves the absolute right to determine the car parking charges for hourly rate, daily rate or monthly rate from time to time.

Visitors parking

All visitors and guests shall park in the visitor’s car park.

Other vehicles

Motorcycle, bicycles and other similar forms of transport shall be parked at the designated parking lots and on no occasion should these vehicles be left of parked in any other car park lots or areas.

Busses, lorries, and other heavy vehicles are not allowed to park at any of the parking bay.

Improper parking

Parking your vehicles at non-designated areas, services area, other people’s private designated car park and others common area unsuitable for parking can cause your vehicle to be clamped and a fee of RM100 will be charged to remove the clamp.

Relocation of car park

The Management reserves the right to redesign the layout and traffic flow of the car park or its use and there shall be no interference with the Management’s discharge of duties nor shall instructions be issued to the Management save and except the occupants may lodge any legitimate complaints to the Management.

Car Wash and Repair

No major repair may be made to any vehicle parked in the parking lot. A “major repair” includes a repair that involves excessive noise, smoke, and spillage of oil

Designated car parking lots shall be allocated by the Management for usage of car wash area with a certain charges to be imposed.


*The above information are internal & all representation are subject to change without notice.