ABP is an integrated commercial and residential complex carefully designed to fulfill your desire for a luxurious
style of living, ABP comprises of :

  • a block of 20-storey hotel and service apartment tower
  • a block of 7-storey shop-office & California Service Suite (CSS)
  • a block of 6-storey luxurious apartment known as Mei On The Madge
  • 2 levels common basement car park

20-storey Hotel & Service Apartment Tower

The building consist of :

  • a grand front reception lobby area and 8 units of retail shop at ground floor
  • security guardroom at ground floor
  • a café bar and a business center/e-office at ground floor
  • the corporate suites at 1st and 2nd floor that provide the convenience and flexibility to the unit to be used
    as an office or residential suite. A truly best of both world
  • 164 units of service apartment from 1st to 19th floor, some units are assigned to Holiday Villa as
    hotel apartments & other units are used for residents / tenants private long term tenure basis
  • swimming pool, gym, male & female sauna, changing room, banquet hall and a pool-side cafe at 6th floor
  • public toilets at ground floor, 6th floor & rooftop
  • surau, viewing deck, gazebo, BBQ pits at roof top area
  • 3 no. of passenger lift and 1 service lift

In order to provide better security and privacy to our residents / tenants, the residents / tenants’ floors (non-hotel floors) are strictly accessible only by the proximity card system.

The usage / access to the facilities at 6th floor is only available to the hotel guests and also the privilege cardholders. A fee will be imposed for private function purposes.

The usage / access to the rooftop facilities is only available to the residents / tenants of long term tenurebasis and it is only accessible by service lift.

The floor deck of each part of the roof has been extensively tested for waterproofing.

7-storey shop-office & CSS

This building consist of :

  • shops and offices and serviced suites from ground floor to 4th floor
  • Apartment suites on 5th & 6th floor
  • 7 no. of lift are provided to the building whereby 4 lifts serviced from the ground floor to 5 & 6th floor and 3 lifts service the GF to 4th floor. A restricted proximity card system is implemented to the 5th & 6th. floor
  • the rooftop landscaped garden and facilities like viewing deck, drying area, general exercise area and reading room. Only the CSS tenants / residents and the hotel guests are permitted to use the facilities at rooftop area. A fee will be imposed for the private function purposes. A link bridge at rooftop area is allocated to link the rooftop of the 7-storey block with the 6th. floor of the 20-storey tower block as to facilitate the usage of the poolfacilities by the hotel guests and the privilege cardholders.

6 storey Luxurious Apartments

These are 51 units exclusive well designed and luxurious private apartments for the priviledged few. It comes with its own facilities like swimming pool, wading pool, sauna, gym and dedicated car park entrance.

Car park

There are 520 bays of car parking bays over two level of drive-thru basement of the whole ABP. There are owners’
car park, season and daily, and also the emergencies / handicapped bays. ABP provides dual ingress and outgress
to Jalan Ampang and Jalan Madge that links to Jalan U-Thant, Jalan Tun Razak and Middle Ring Road II. The ingress
to ABP is either thru 20-storey block that fronting to Jalan Ampang or the 6-storey block that connect to Jalan
Madge. Only Basement 1 car park is accessible to the various blocks by lift besides the staircase of Basement 1 and
Basement 2.

Holiday Villa Apartment Suites, Kuala Lumpur

Antara Holiday Villa Sdn Bhd is the officially appointed hotel operator to manage the hotel apartment units at ABP.
The network of HV covers nationwide namely Langkawi, Cherating, Subang, Alor Setar and Kuala Lumpur, and also
worldwide to London, Dubai, Oman, Khartoum & Phnom Penh. (www.holidayvilla.com.my). AHV is assigned to
manage a total of 88 units at 20-storey tower block :-

There are 3 passenger lifts and 1 serviced lift provided to serve the hotel units. The hotel guests are only allowed to access to the hotel floors which stipulated above. A proximity access card is given to each of the owner’/ tenant’ units as well as to the hotel guest to access to their respective floor by lifts.

There are 4 passenger lifts serving CSS units at 5th & 6th floor. The residents are given a proximity access card to the CSS floors.

The floor area that comes under management of AHV as follows :

  • the reception lobby area of 20-storey tower block
  • the designated hotel floor
  • the 6th floor of 20-storey tower block (which is owned by the developer/ associate) gymnasium room, sauna rooms, banquet hall, changing room and pool-side cafe.

These facilities have been extensively upgraded at our own cost for your enjoyment, and so, its usage and
cleanliness should be respected.

A privilege card is introduced to the owners/tenants for the usage of the above facilities. (Please refer to the
House Rules)

Surroundings & Environment

The ABP is located frontage to Jalan Ampang with close proximity to the Central Business District (CBD) of Kuala
Lumpur. The ABP is located right next to the MIM building and situated within the prestigious area of embassies
and the upmarket residential area of U-Thant / Ampang Hilir. It is situated within walking distance from Jalan Tun
Razak and the Ampang Park LRT station.

The development commands the unobstructed view of the city skyline with great ambience towards KLCC and
adjacent buildings like KL Tower, Tabung Haji Building, Menara CitiBank and etc…

Conveniently located near schools, banks, entertainment outlets, public transport, hospital and shopping
complexes (KLCC/Plaza Yew Chuan/Ampang Park/Ampang Point).

Unique Design

The ABP is a freehold commercial development. Remember that when you buy your unit, you have bought a
commercial unit. You have also enjoyed very low interest rates.With the advantages, you can always use both units
either for your home or office. The development design incorporated feng shui elements. The shape of the
development is like a dragon whereby the 20-storey block tower is shaped like a dragon’s head and the 6-storey
apartment block as the dragon’s tail. The whole building is orientated towards north where the Malaysia’s only
casino is – Genting Highland. The fish pond and water feature in front of the 20-storey tower block is built to
represent wealth. You are welcomed to donate the Japanese carp so that it can grow and represent your luck.
The luck will accumulate and grow bigger as the fishes tend to swim collectively, this may bring long lasting luck.


Rooftop garden facilities

The facilities are provided for the leisure, comfort and convenience of the respective block’s residents / tenants.
Facilities on 20-storey tower block – gazebo, surau, terrace view, BBQ pits & toilets. Facilities on 7-storey block
– kitchen, viewing deck, open wall balai, reading room,


In the effort to blend the greenery into the development, we have created a well-landscaped environment as to
create the tropical paradise for pleasant living. A series of greenery planter boxes & water features are introduced
around the development as well as the creation of the rooftop garden concept. We therefore seek your cooperation
to maintain and upkeep the greenery of the plants. Residents are advised not to litter or discard any unwanted
materials on to these areas, damage or remove the plants.


At our own expenses we have installed the latest security camera and CCTV system. Whilst the cameras are for
security, privacy will be highly respected. The security guardroom is located at Fire Control/M&E Room at the
ground floor and also the CCTV Room at Basement 2. Our trained security personnel works round the clock to
ensure the residents/tenants’ security and interest is well taken care.

House Rules

Please refer to the respective blocks House Rules for more information and guidelines .


The above information are internal and all representation are subject to change without notice.