Application and approval of renovation works

  1. All renovation and installation works such as installation of air-condition equipments, awnings,
    kitchen cabinets, wardrobes and Astro / TV etc. must be submitted and approved by the Management
    before they can be carried out in the Apartments (please use application for “RW”).
  2. As to preserve uniformity and pleasant external façade, the renovation and installation work are subject
    to the guidelines imposed by the Management such as standard sets of design, colour and
    specifications for the grills / awnings, the paintings and plastering works, the M&E etc.
  3. No grills are allowed to fix at the entrance door, balcony and windows without the Management
    permission. The location and design and patent need to be done by the contractor appointed by the
    Developer / Management.
  4. All owners / renovation contractors must complete and sign standard renovation application form
    (form “RW”) and return the form to the Management Office.
  5. Contractors without such approval letter shall be refused entry into the Apartment to carry out the
  6. For those works requiring approval from the authorities, a letter of approval must be obtained and
    furnished to the Management Office before such works are allowed.

Security deposit and refund

  1. A refundable deposit payable in cash is required before any renovation / installation works are allowed
    to carry out. The deposit amount is subject to the Management’s discretion that may base on the
    extensive of the renovation works to be done.
  2. Such deposit is to ensure that all debris is properly cleared and no common property is damaged,
    and that the works comply with requirements. Otherwise, the cost, if any, shall be deducted from the
    refundable deposit. In the event that the remedial cost exceeds the deposit, the additional amount shall
    be charged to the owners maintenance account.

Renovation limits

All renovation works shall be confined to the limits of your apartment. Hacking of structural slabs, columns,
beams, and walls are strictly not permitted. Any deviation from the original approved plans of the apartment
may result in your unit or the whole apartments development not being able to obtain the Strata Titles from
the authorities. For those units / area affected by renovation work, the Developer / Management will waive the
warranty for any defect / damages arising and effected to the unit due to the renovation work done.

Disposal of renovation debris

  1. All renovation contractors are to ensure that the renovation debris is not left on the corridors or any
    other common areas and that no common property is damaged. Otherwise, the costs, if any, will be
    deducted from the deposit.
  2. Apartment owners are to ensure that their renovation contractors do not dispose the renovation debris
    at the car park areas or any areas in the Apartment compound or common property.
  3. iCement, sand and other material shall be packed into gunny sacks/ plastic bags before being
    transferred to the work areas.
  4. Packing and crating material must be removed by the occupant(s)/contractor(s) to the dumping ground
    approved by the appropriate Authorities outside the Apartment.

Usage of water and electricity

  1. All occupants / owners / contractors are not allowed to tap water / electricity supply from common
    property for any renovation works or other usage.
  2. The Management reserves the right to fine the occupants a minimum of RM500.00 per offence.

Working hours

Renovation works, delivery, and removal works are restricted to the following hours:

Monday to Saturday - 9.00 am to 5.30 pm
Sunday and Public holidays - Prohibited.

Security checks

All delivery, removal, and renovation works must be reported to the Management Office / security guardroom prior
to the work being carried out. The Management reserves the right to refuse entry to any unknown persons for
whatever purposes.

Identification passes

All Contractors must report at the Management Office / security guardroom to obtain identification passes and
must wear their passes at all times whilst in the building.

Use of lifts

All deliveries, removals and workmen must use only designated lifts (Service/Bomba lift) and staircases so not to
cause any inconvenience to other occupant(s).

Occupants / Owners’ responsibility

Occupant(s) / owner(s) are to ensure that their contractors are aware of the said rules and will comply fully with the
same. The conduct and behavior of their contractors is the owner(s)/ occupant(s) sole responsibility. Any damage to
the building and equipment caused by the contractor(s) shall be repaired or replaced at the expense of the owner(s)/


The above information are internal and all representation are subject to change without notice.