Security personnel duties and responsibility

  1. The service apartment is provided with 24 hours security service with periodical patrolling in and
    around the premise. In case of emergency, please contact the guard or the Management.
  2. The security personnel are responsible for only the general security of the area, monitoring of
    guests / visitors, controlling of traffic and use of the Apartment, its facilities and common proper
  3. The security personnel are empowered to carry out security checks on and detain any persons
    whether residents or otherwise found of suspicious characters or causing nuisance within
    boundary of Ambassy Business Park. Such persons so detained shall be evicted from the
    Apartment area or handed overto the police for appropriate action.
  4. Occupants are encouraged to take precautionary measures such as installing alarms to ensure
    the safety of their belongings. However, alarms must be of the approved type that will not cause
    prolonged noise when they are tripped.
  5. For the safety and peace of mind for the occupant(s), security cameras have been install at
    certain locations as an added security measure.
  6. All occupant(s) who intend to have guest(s) staying overnight at their unit(s) are required to
    register their guest(s) at either Management Office or guardroom. (Form G)
  7. All delivery, removal (in/out) and renovation works must be reported at the Management Office /
    security guardroom prior to the work been carried out.

Notice of moving in and out

  1. The Management Office shall be informed at least 24 hours in advance of any moving involving
    a professional mover or large household items.
  2. Occupants shall ensure that the common properties and areas are not damaged in the course
    of such moving. Any such damages shall be made good at the occupants’ costs.
  3. Occupants must fill the ‘moving in/out’ forms before they are allowed to do so. (MIO)

Registration of the employees of occupants

  1. All employers of domestic help and maids are to provide particulars of their employees to the
    Management for records.
  2. All employers must also inform the Management if there is any change of their employees from
    time to time
  3. All employers are to make sure that all their employees are legal and with legal documents.
    The Management reserves the right to evict the illegal employees at the employer’s cost.
  4. The Management is not responsible for action taken by the authority on these illegal employees.

Registration of tenants

The owners need to register their tenant with Management Office for security purpose. All particulars
about the tenant need to submit to the Management prior moving to the unit and also to give a notice
at least 24 hours to Management and security officer for the tenant that will move in or out from the unit.

Registration of guests

Occupiers are advised to inform Management Office / security personnel of their invitations to guest and
preferably to forward a name list. For regular guest the occupiers should provide their personal particulars to
Management / security personnel.

Reports on criminal incidents

Occupiers should report to the apartment security personnel all minor and major criminal incidents
encountered for appropriate actions.

Report on suspicious persons

Occupiers should report to the security personnel immediately if they encounter any suspicious character
loitering near their units or within the premises.

Reports on holiday leave

Occupiers going away on long holidays may inform the Management of their intention to do so. All such
occupiers shall take extra precaution in respect of their units and motor vehicles, and the Management shall
not be responsible for any loss or damage to such units or motor vehicles in the absence of such occupiers.

Illegal activities

Management, in ensuring the dignity of the building premises is maintained, if found the use of the premises
for any illegalor unlawful or immoral purposes / activities such as the operations of brothels, gambling dens,
harboring of illegal immigrants

The guardroom is located at :

i. the M&E / Fire-Control room at the ground floor of the Apartment; &

ii. the CCTV room at Basement 2 of the Apartment.


The above information are internal and all representation are subject to change without notice.